Healthy Drinks For Your Wellness & Refreshment.

There’s nothing quite like a cool, refreshing drink on a hot summer day, or a piping hot cup of tea on a chilly evening. A good drink can revive you during or after a workout, substitute a wholesome meal, or calm you down when you’re tense and stressed out. They’re convenient too-generally easy to make, and easy to transport. Sadly, like so many other things these days, even drinks that sound healthy are pumped full or sugars, artificial flavors and colorings, caffeine, and a myriad of other nasty ingredients. For a fraction of the price, you can make your own healthy drinks that taste better, and impart a wide range of benefits-naturally.

Detox Water

Water is an incredible substance as it is, but you can make it that much more beneficial when you add natural ingredients that will boost the function of your body’s detox system (aka liver and kidneys.)

Electrolyte Energy Drink

Although they may seem healthy, drinks like Gatorade are not a whole lot more than brightly sugar water. You don’t need to buy a “special” electrolyte drink to replenish yourself-here are 3 ways to make your own at home.

3 Natural Drinks to Get Better Sleep

Falling asleep can be tough, but with the natural sleep-promoting ingredients in these drinks, you’ll be drifting off in no time.

Pineapple, Turmeric, Ginger & Cherry Drink for Gout

The naturally pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory components in this drink make it a possible alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for those who experience gout. NSAIDS are often called for in cases of gout, but long-term use of them presents its own set of problems.


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  1. Patti says:

    Hi. I just made my first pitcher of lemon lime and cucumber water. It steeped overnight and I am halfway through it. Can I place more water in the pitcher or should I cut up new fruit? I am going to make the next batch with watermelon. Same question? I am new to your site but I love holistic remedies.

  2. linda says:

    am looking to make mint flaved water can u please help me than you

    • kmh says:

      Be careful as to how much MINT you ingest…MINT relaxes the sphincter muscle at the top of the stomach, making ACID REFLUX (aka heartburn) a possibility. The older we get the more susceptible we are to this. If you’re a “youngster” this may not be an issue for you at this time. Enjoy!

    • Secret Santa Helper says:

      Just put washed up and ripped up mint leaves from your garden or the store and place in a cool water pitcher overnight! Experiment with different amounts of mint leaves to get the flavor you like.

  3. Felecia says:

    I have tried fresh lemons and mint – it was very refreshing. I bought cucumbers about two weeks ago to come up with another water and forgot I bought them. Found them while cleaning out the fridge. 🙁

  4. verla bruce says:

    I’m looking for a natural remedy for edema in legs and feet.

  5. terri says:

    I’m looking for a cheap easy drink to make my body more alkaline…it is very acidic and eats all jewelry . thanks in advance 😉

  6. nomi says:

    I’m looking for sciatica symptom remedies, please post if you know any.

  7. marina says:

    I’m tired of pain,and all my other health issues!!!I just don’t like taking meds for EVERTHING I have wrong with me,Home remedies is the way to go

  8. Viola Aguilar says:

    What do u do with fruit in the different detox waters?

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