How to Make Reusable Lemon Dust Cloths

dust clothsWith all of the dogs that come through my home I have a never ending set of cleaning chores to do. Hair gets shed and piles up at an alarming rate, dirt gets tracked in and kicked up so that it settles onto every surface; my big smoosh faced boxer decides his head is the perfect height for resting his jowls on the table…the list goes on. Needless to say, I am wiping down surfaces pretty much every day, but I despise spray polish for dusting (or for any use really.) I don’t like the unnatural slippery shine it coats everything with, I don’t like it spraying in the air and breathing it in, and I don’t want my dogs to go lick it off of something (which they will.)

How to Make Reusable Lemon Dust Cloths

Instead, these lemon dust cloths are a great alternative. No chemicals, no waxy residue, and I don’t have to worry about it getting inhaled if a dog sticks their big block head in my face while I am kneeling down and cleaning.

You will need…
-2 cups of water
-2 cups of white distilled vinegar
-2-3 drops of olive oil or lemon oil
-Dustcloths, rags, cut up cloths/towels
-A glass jar with an airtight lid


Grab a couple of dustcloths or clean old rags-you can even cut up and recycle cotton clothes this way if you want-and a glass jar for each. Mix together 2 cups of water and 2 cups of white distilled vinegar in a decently sized bowl or pan, and add in 2-3 drops of olive oil or lemon essential oil.

Thoroughly saturate each dustcloth and then squeeze all excess liquid out of them so that they are just damp and lay them out smooth. Peel the rind from several lemons and place a few pieces on each dustcloth before rolling it up.

Tuck the cloth into your glass jar for storing, adding an extra piece of lemon peel for good measure.

homemade dust cloth

Store these until you need them, and make sure you boil them regularly after use and re-infuse them with lemon and oil.

Is this as convenient as a spray in a can? Of course not. Is that ok? Absolutely. Their fresh scent, quick preparation, plus the natural cleansing properties of the vinegar/water, makes them a winner in my book.

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