Make Your Own Detox Drink for Daily Enjoyment & Cleansing

detox water recipesWhether you’re just trying to steer clear of the sugary drinks, or aim to really help your body flush out any toxins lurking in your system, this refreshing blend of foods and flavors will satisfy your tastebuds needs.

Detox Water- make your own cleansing detox drinks.

Included: Watermelon/cucumber, lemon/lime, mint leaves, and water.

Why Watermelon (or cucumber): Watermelon helps the body flush out toxins because it contains the organic compound citrulline, which is an amino acid that has been shown to help the liver and kidneys filter and get rid of ammonia. Ammonia comes in external forms, but is also a by-product of the proteins our bodies are burning up constantly for energy, and it’s quite damaging to our cells. Cucumber also contains citrulline, but not as much as watermelon. Watermelon may also just give the liver an overall boost.


Why water: H20 is just plain good for us, but it’s thought that it helps flush nasty toxins and waste through our system, giving organs like the liver and kidney an easier time doing their job.

Why lemon (or lime): Lemon or lime juice helps stimulate and regulate the digestive track (which is why it’s so helpful with constipation, heartburn and gas), stimulates bile production, and thins out bile, which allows it to flow more freely.

Bile is produced by the liver and ends up in the small intestine to break down lipids (fats) that we’ve consumed.

lemon for detox

Why mint leaves: Mint leaves are a nice refreshing flavor to add to your drink. On top of that, it can help you digest more effectively, improving the flow of bile from the liver, to the gallbladder, to the small intestine, where it breaks down dietary fats. Mint also helps relax cramped up stomach muscles.


You will need…
-1-2 liters’ of water, depending on how strong you want it to taste
-Part of 1 watermelon or 1 cucumber
-1 lemon or lime
-A handful of fresh mint leaves (approximately 10-13)
-Ice cubes

detox foods

Slice up a good amount of watermelon into cubes, rind and all, and put them into a jug or pitcher. Cut 1 juicy lime into wedges and toss in with the watermelon. Add a handful of fresh, fragrant, mint leaves and pour in 2 liters of cool water, filling the jug all the way to the top. Let this sit overnight in the fridge and let all the yummy flavors steep and infuse the water. When you want to drink it, put in a generous helping of ice cubes, pour, and enjoy daily.

watermelon and mint drink
Watermelon & mint

cucumber and lemon water
Cucumber & lemon.

Flavor Tips

• Try substituting a lemon for the lime, cucumber for the watermelon, or a combination of all of them.

• Pour water in first and then add the ingredients. I feel like there’s more of a burst of flavor when the water gets poured in and everything swirls around, but there’s something to be said for letting it gently infuse itself as well (the water tends to stay a bit clearer as well.)

• Don’t add ice to the entire jug, and leave it on a cup-by-cup basis. If you plan on drinking it over time, this can help prevent it from getting diluted as the ice melts.

• Start with 2 liters’ of water steeping overnight, and then experiment with longer/shorter times and more or less water.

• Squeeze in the juice of 1 lime and/or lemon and then slice up another and add that to give it a little extra citrus kick.

• This isn’t for flavor, but this drink looks mighty appealing in a glass pitcher on a hot summer day.

DIY Detox Drink

We all have different tastes and preferences, and like to mix things up every once in a while too. Experiment by trying out various ingredients, amounts, and methods (like blending, or boiling into a tea, or infusing into water, etc.) Below is a list of foods that have been shown to help boost your built-in detox system (namely liver, G.I., and kidney function.) If possible, always buy organic to avoid chemical ingredients or pesticides.

Cruciferous vegetables & leafy greens: This group includes a lot of veggie superheroes, and is why you see so many “green” detox drinks or smoothies. Included are broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, bok choy, and spinach. Broccoli and co. increases the amount of glucosinolate (organic compounds) in our body, which in turn help create enzymes that help our body’s breakdown and digest things. Leafy greens like lettuce and bok choy have the ability to neutralize metals, chemicals, and pesticides that find their way into our systems.

Avocado: Avocados can help your body produce an antioxidant, glutathione, which our liver needs to do its job and filter properly.

Grapefruit: High in antioxidants and vitamin C, grapefruit or grapefruit juice also aids the liver in flushing carcinogens (things linked to causing cancer, like stuff in cigarettes and tobacco, as well as some pre-prepared foods) and possibly pesticides out of the body.

Beets: The systems in the body all work together, and for various reasons beets seem to be helpful to more than one major organ. However, they’ve shown themselves to be particularly helpful when it comes to aiding the liver in detoxification.

If it’s chilly, try making some detox tea to keep you warm and healthy, or mix up an icy cool drink in hot weather. Play around with what you like and keep in mind things you know are good for your body’s own detox system-not things that claim to be a miracle detox system all on their own.

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  1. Sherry says:

    This looks so good! One of my favorites is just plain old lemon water.

    • Joanna says:

      I love plain old cucumber water 🙂

    • Daniela says:

      Can we eat solid food or is this a substitute for food like other detox drinks? And for how many days should i drink this?

      • Somer says:

        If this is a one time thing, you should probably drink 2, 8 ounce glasses of one of these recipes a day for 3-5 days to completely detox you’re system. But the best thing is to do this everyday! Eat right, and add 20-30 mins of cardio & you’ll feel better then ever!

        • Jerry says:

          How long can you leave the watermelon in the jar, and after it’s been in the water for a couple of days can you still eat the melon.

          • Sue says:

            It could probably be left in the water up to about a week. As far as eating the watermelon afterward you could but not a lot of flavor in it

          • Raina says:

            You can leave it in the jar up to 24 hours and you can not eat the watermelon after

    • Tony says:

      Rather than keeping the mixed overnight, can I blend and drink the watermelon, cucumber, grape, lemon, mint leave etc as shown above.

  2. Theresa says:

    I make a tea of parsley, oregano, basil and sage. Have actually healed a bad UTI with this tea mixture .

  3. diana cortes says:

    since i was a child we always drank lemon juice with water fof stomach problems and it works

  4. josey-o says:

    I have actually tried strawberries and lemon. Kiwi strawberry is pretty good with lime or lemon!

  5. angela says:

    this might sound dumb, but do you eat the watermelon, etc as you drink the water??? OR, can you add more water to the stuff in the jar as you drink it? all sounds good!!! thanks

    • Claire (Everyday Roots) says:

      Thank you for asking this! I actually wondered the same thing the first time I made detox water as well and should have clarified :p

      It depends really on how you want to reuse it. If you make a big jug of it and plan on drinking it over a longer course of time, leave the majority of the fruit and leaves in, or at least don’t dump it all into your first glass. There are are a few ways to go about it-

      1. You can throw fresh watermelon/cucumber/what have you into a fresh glass of the steeped water, so you don’t detract from the amount of solids in the jug.

      2. You can also limit the amount of fruit pieces and mint leaves that get poured out into each glass, keeping the ratio of solids to liquids roughly similar as you use more and more. Then just make a whole fresh batch when you run out.

      3. If you wanted a lot of solids in each glass you could add more to the water in the jug to replenish the amount-just keep in mind that it will have to steep for awhile again before its fully infused, and may be stronger tasting if there’s less water.

      Whether or not you eat the fruit etc. as you drink depends on taste. Personally, I love eating the watermelon or cucumber as I drink it. I just let some of it pour into each glass when I drink it (option # 2.) It’s all good for you (and tasty) so I figure why not? 🙂

      Let me know if that makes sense, or if you have anymore questions!


      • carol parker says:

        i freeze my fruits before i put them together i use them as ice and eat them while drinking leave a freezer bag in freezer and replace as needed

      • Jackie says:

        Hey can we leave the fruit, drink the water, so that the fruit lasts longer for those on a budget? And what about adding ginger?? 🙂 Thanks so much hun!! xoxo

        • Claire (Everyday Roots) says:

          I don’t see why not! It might lose a little bit of flavor, but I can’t see it being much of a problem 🙂

      • Christina says:

        We use a sun tea pitcher with the nozzle that is in the bottom. When we use all the water we remake the mixture. Easy

      • anita Clince says:

        Hi I am new to your group.
        I came across DETOX WATER photo on Facebook. On this photo it stated 2 lemons half cucumber 10-12 mint leaves 3 quarts water does that mean 3quarts a pint. I put all of these together left the in the fridge over night it does not say to drink first thing in the morning or when. Also there was only 1 and half glass in the jug. Do I just put more water into the ingredients as it was a litty expensive to do away with it. Thank you for taking the time to read my query.

      • Chris says:

        So how long can it stay refrigerated if I were to make bog batches?

      • Cheryl says:

        I have been drinking this for a week and I feel no different

      • Cassandra says:

        Can u use lemon mint?

      • Katherine Bursese says:

        I actually love all the water recipe’s except for banana things. I am potassium deficient so I take the pills ( mixed in water). And I work with fur kids, I am a pet sitter and am finding giving dogs/cats healthy and home made foods are much better. Many of my clients are not aware of what they are giving their fur babies and perhaps you could give out some healthy recipes for dogs and Kittys?

    • Somer says:

      You can! It’ll be infused with the flavor of anything else in the drink that you added like mint, lemon, cucumber, or lime (:

      Also if you add water, you won’t get the same flavor infused taste. That’s why its a good idea to make a pitcher of it and let it sit over night so you can just refill (:

  6. Gigi Koslow=Murray says:

    Good question someone posed above. Do you eat the watermelon, etc. or do you just add more water.

    I have also done a juice diet for 30 days. It consisted of carrots, beets and celery (juiced). I lost 10 pounds and had a a lot of energy and did not get hungry.

  7. Sheryl Province says:

    A friend of mine asked if these can be drank if you are diabetic.

    Thank you,

    • Claire (Everyday Roots) says:

      Hi Sheryl,

      It would be good if your friend double checked with her doc, but in general these should be just fine! There isn’t any added sugar and they’re low in calories. The only sugar comes from that which naturally occurs in the fruit. Something that would be good to do if you’re diabetic would be to to keep track of how many carbohydrates the fruit contains to account for in meal planning. Watermelon in particular actually has quite a bit of benefits for those that have diabetes, and lemon/lime and mint are great sugar free options for flavoring your water 🙂

      • Chandra says:

        My hubby is a diabetic & he has to watch it when he eats watermelon!!! It makes his blood sugar rise! But I have a bro in law that can eat all the watermelon he can & it doesn’t effect his blood sugar! So just be careful & have fun trying them out!!!

  8. seema shah says:

    thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4 asking that. tommato juice iz tha best way 4 health .its a best detox.

  9. Anne says:

    I make this in an individual water bottle and add water when I need to. Much more convenient for work.

  10. bea says:

    How long before you change the solids to refresh your liquids? Is it just depends on how much it weakens? Is there such a thing that the solids start to turn?

    • Shannah says:

      I was wondering the same thing. Do you have to change the solids daily if you are just pouring the water into another glass to drink?

      • Darshi says:

        I was also look for answer to same question above .
        Does anyone no how often we should change the solid fruit n veggies????

        • Meliss says:

          The biggest enemy of all food is moisture/water. You shouldn’t keep the original produce more than 3 days in water, watermelon will start breaking down first then, mint, cukes, then citrus. Why do I know this? Because I’ve worked in commercial kitchens for 35 years and am a Pastry Chef.

  11. Kristen says:

    I just made this today:) I will try it tomorrow and see how it tastes:) It smells really good:) I added only a little bit of lemon juice b/c I’m not overly fond of lemon (unless it’s lemonade), some mint and watermelon. I was thinking even adding cucumber to all that might be yummy also (ever heard of cucumber melon fragrances?? Similar maybe? ) But I decided to stick with only the ingredients I mentioned. Hopefully it will taste as good as it smells:D

  12. Indira says:

    I will surely try it! Everything homemade is worth trying and I think that it ia the best,since u r the one making it! It’s sounds really good and refreshing….especially for me because I live in Aruba and it is very HOT!! Over here, and I love drinking cold beverage! ;;)
    Thnx 4 D Info, it’s Very Helpful 🙂

  13. Jerry says:

    What if I’m not able to refrigerate it ?
    Will it be lesser effective ? or will the whole thing get spoiled ?



  15. Kristen says:

    It’s me again! I made this the other week, and I really loved it! I refilled the bell jar a few times before discarding the soggy, funky watermelon, replacing it with fresh melon. I didn’t like it too minty, but did add a few sprigs. It was very refreshing. I really am going to make it more during the summer! I have one more infusing in the fridge now and that will be it for a while:). I’m going to have to try different fruits and creations now:) Better than artificially flavored water:)

    • Bridgette says:

      How many days do u drink it n how many times a day

      • Carley says:

        I know it’s a bit late but u can drink it as many times as u like … Most people that r drinking it as a diet often drink it for 30 days and twice a day but personally I think it is really yummy and it is really good for you xx

  16. Nisha says:

    Hi I am wondering the detox water how many days can I keep it for and do I throw away the ingredients after over nighting the drink please reply ASAP. Thank you

  17. Mike says:

    I actually have mixed both cucumber and watermelon in the same jug. I also increased the mint leaves. Fresh breath all day long lol!!

  18. Stephanie says:

    My question is do I put it in the fridge or leave out on counter?

    • Claire (Everyday Roots) says:

      Refrigerate it 🙂

      • Shannon says:

        Hi Claire –

        Like Beronica Muller from 6/25, I’m wondering: how many times per day do you recommend having the drink? I prepared my first pitcher today with cucumber (b/c it was cheaper than watermelon :), mint, and lemon. I’m not certain whether I’ll like the taste, but I plan to drink it for the health benefits either way. Would you recommend 1 (8oz) glass a day? Two?

        • Klara says:

          I think you can drink it as much as you like it 🙂 It’s just like flavored water you buy in the store, only the healthier version 🙂

    • Maddy says:

      For a 4 liter container I used half a small watermelon, 1 1/2 lemons and about 20 mint leaves, and let me tell ya… AMAZING!!!

  19. Jennifer says:

    Would this be safe to drink while pregnant? I am getting tired of plain old water and don’t really like those other artificial sweetners?!

  20. Therese says:

    Love your site . When making the lemon /lime variety waters . I prefer mine room temp . So how long if I make a gallon and leave it on my counter can it stay good ? A week ? Or more ?
    Thank You

  21. Audrey says:

    I made two individual liter bottles a bout 4 days ago with all the ingredients. I pour the water only over ice and drink it like lemonade. I have refilled the bottles with fresh water and it’s still going strong. I am going to try this for one week and then replenish the ingredients. The mint is a great addition and the drink is refreshing on a hot summer day.

  22. Beronica Muller says:

    I really enjoyed reading this information. It is helping me a lot. I am going through menopause at the age of 33 and is gaining the menopause weight. Hopefully this will help with the weight gain, especially in my belly. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. How often should I drink this?

  23. Willa says:

    Can you throw any fruits in there? Right now, I have on hand limes, lemons, apples, oranges, and bananas… Bananas I can see being a stretch since they are not necessarily “juicy.” But could I put the rest in? Then I could put mint in because we grow some in our garden. So which ones can I toss in?

    ⋆ Thanks! ⋆

  24. Nesi says:

    Do u have to put this in the fridge when u let it sit or can u just leave it at room temp?

  25. Barbara says:

    I would like to no how u can loss weight and a could remedy for sleep

  26. Sara says:

    I was wondering if anyone has noticed an uptick in bowel movements with either of these detox waters? Is it normal to have increased bowel movements–not diarrhea but just extra movements? I have experienced an increase lately and was wondering if it was due to the water?

    • Lorie says:

      I started drinking today and yes i beleive that is the detox part of it getting rid of all that yak in our system_ fruit for breakfast a salad for lunch and a lean crusine for dinner and I did the cucumber mint lemon today almost gone tomarrow is the watermelon mint and lime I didnt think i would like it but i do filled me up

    • Eliz says:

      I just started yesterday and wondered why I had to keep having bowl movements this does do that…and I only had to 8 oz glasses!

    • BarbaraBee says:

      Yes, I experienced the same thing but it was more like diarrhea. Since I grow my own mint, I thought that II didn’t wash it thoroughly and I may have ingested a parasite. It went on for three days and I threw it out.

      • Piper says:

        The diarreah was not caused by a parasite. Due to the fruit in the water, your body might register it as a food instead of a liquid, and attempt to pass it out as it would usually a food. It’s not a sickness and you’re completely fine, it’s just a bit annoying,

  27. Lorie says:

    Has anyone lost any weight from this and if so how much

  28. Gretel says:

    This drink is amazingly fresh and just a great summer time hot weather drink! My whole family is hooked. Its a bit like a mojito, if you’re not sure about the flavor. Highly recommended!

  29. Priscilla says:

    Hello, do you drink this all day?

  30. Jackie says:

    Hi! Do you still eat while drinking this detox drink? If so- how many glasses should you drink during the day?

  31. Michael says:

    1st – My young kids and I really enjoy the drinks.
    2nd – I found that I could use the same fruit for 4 water refills. Then I change it.
    3rd – I use 2 cucumbers or 1/4 watermelon, 2 lemons (1sliced & 1 squeezed) and 4-6 mint sprigs in 3quarts of water.

    I let mine sit in the fridge overnight, tastes great and ready in the morning. A BIG thank you from my family.

  32. Gino Davila says:

    How long do the detox water last with the fruit in it?

  33. momma bear says:

    I’ve been drinking the water for 6 days. I’ve noticed some unexpected changes!

  34. Kathy A. says:

    Going to try this as soon as i can get additional fruits and veges . will freeze like Carol P. suggested, thought that was extremely helpful . Have been drinking cucumber water all day now will go get some mint out of garden and add with some lemon juice concentrate until I can buy more produce.

  35. Yolly says:

    Tks for the info on the detox water. I am going to try it. Want to lose extra pounds around waistline. I wonder if it is ok to add lemongrasss leaves. I love the smell and in tea. Grows it in garden.

  36. Shandenia says:

    The water taste okay but the peel on the lime and lemons make it taste funny. Is there a benefit in keeping the peel on the lemon and lime ?

  37. Sabrina says:

    I really want and my body needs this. One problem iam allergic to mint. Can I do it without mint and will it still cleanse ?

  38. Angie says:

    I have been drinking for 2 days and have noticed an increase in my bowel m

  39. Satish says:

    Thanks for this article. I really wanted to know that after preparing the basic cucumber water by soaking cucumber slices into water and keeping it into the fridge overnight, what can we do of the cucumber slices in the pitcher? Is it safe to eat these slices? I really wanna know this asap. Thanks in advance 🙂

  40. Peggy says:

    I will like to try the detox. How long will it take for you to see the difference in your body? I am trying to focus on my stomach area. Which detox will be the most effective to drink?

  41. angela says:

    do you boil the water or just use from the tap

  42. varun says:

    How long can I keep cucs soaked in water and how long will it last.. first day taste was good now it doesn’t smell that good.

  43. Jhen says:

    I made it today..and i didnt find mint that would be there any alternative on that?

  44. eva says:

    This is my first time trying to detox my body. I’m doing it because i want to lose the weight and have energy. So, will this help me with getting my energy back also? cause i stay tired evn when im trying to keep busy.

  45. wanda says:

    My question is can you drink this all day and do you still eat foods as well? Thanks

  46. irma says:

    How many glasses per day?

  47. Belle says:

    Hi. I was really curious if its okay to not refrigerate the water as i’m living in a hostel and how long can it last? Please reply. Thank you.

  48. breastfeedingMuM says:

    Is this safe to drink while breastfeeding? I made my mixture this evening planing to drink it from tomorrow morning. Was looking forward to it! Pls respond:)

    • Katie says:


      I drink this while breastfeeding. I actually eat a lot of these things on a daily basis on it’s own. As long as your baby is OK with citrus. Watermelon is also very alkaline based, which helps regulate blood sugar and helps the pancreas produce insulin more on a timely fashion. I have delayed insulin and eating watermelon helps me. As long as your baby is OK with it (i.e. no excessive spitting up (cup or more), no diarrhea). Some foods like broccoli, vinegar, apples, dairy products, cabbage and the like can make a baby gassy and fussy and spit up a lot. I can’t have cow milk so I have almond milk or coconut milk instead and I can’t eat eggs as it upsets my nursling’s tummy. Just see how she does. But it won’t alter anything chemistry wise and is safe to use while nursing as long as it doesn’t upset the nursling’s stomach.

  49. sarah says:

    I have just tried the cucumber water today. i dont like lemon lime or mint so just going for plain old cucumber and i must admit i really like it. im not a huge fan of water but this tastes lovely

    • Tina says:

      I can understand it not tasting well.
      The only way unsweetened tart and sour ingredients would taste good would be to get that fresh refreshing taste and that would only come from drinking close to preparing.

  50. Tonya says:

    I mixed the lime, cucumber, lemon juice, and a squirt of honey and it is really good. My kids even like it!! I made a pitcher last night before bed and have been drinking it all day today.. No more sodas for me!!

  51. Nichole says:

    I love this water. I was also wondering if this is safe while breastfeeding and how long you can keep the same water/fruit mix. Thanks!!:)

    • Katie says:

      It is safe during BF. I drink this while nursing. As long as the citrus doesn’t bother the tummy of the nursling, you are OK! Try it out and if you notice the babe is spitting up excessively or is gassy and fussy then eliminate, wait about a week and if the baby is OK then it was the citrus bothering the baby. But the ingredients alone are safe. I will keep it for a week covered in the fridge. But I normally have 2 glasses a day. Morning and night. Then rest is regular water.

  52. Lia says:

    My roommate and I actually just made our first batch of Lemon, Lime, Orange, Mint, and Cucumber water for a fast/detox. How long/how many days do we drink this for? Thanks!!!

    • Claire (Everyday Roots) says:

      You can drink it for as many days as you like-I like to drink it on a regular basis just to keep my system up and running in good form. All of the ingredients will just help the overall function of our bodies natural detox system (the liver/kidneys.)

      • Andrea says:

        I have a question do you recommend just to stick to one recipe (ex. Cucumbers,lemon,mint) everyday or is it better to change frequently?

  53. Jeanne says:

    I’ve noticed that several people have asked the same question that I have – How do we use the detox water? How many glasses a day?

  54. Joanne says:

    I tried this a couple weeks ago (orange,lemon,lime,cucumber, mint, water). I put the solids in a quart jar added water and let it set overnight in the fridge and drank all the liquid each day for three days (didn’t eat the fruit). I tossed the solids and make a fresh batch after refilling the jar with water for the second day – so fresh batch for days 3 and 4.
    I found that I had a lot more energy, generally felt better and def visited the bathroom more frequently.
    I just thought this morning how sluggish I’m starting to feel so I’ll be repeating this process for 3-4 days every week from now on. 🙂
    Its such a simple and inexpensive way to keep your body healthy and functioning better – I’m spreading the news!! 🙂

  55. Jaime says:

    I just read an article on the internet stating that you should only drink the water for 3 days at a time or your body can actually lose nutrients. Thought this might help until we get another answer.

    • pinky says:

      Hello today I started this drink and it’s refreshing. You are correct about loosing nutrients. So what I do to replace the nutrients we are loosing is add Chia Seed into my drink over night. Not only that, Chia Seeds are a good source to enhancing the body for many reasons. I purchase the Chia Seed from Fiesta grocery store and I am not sure what other store sales the Chia seeds. Chia helps control hunger while they enhance your diet with super nutrition. Chia is an edible seed that come from the desert plants Salvia Hispanic a in Mexico. Chia means strength and folklore has it that these cultures used the tiny black and white seeds as an energy booster. Chia Seed contain healthy omega 3 fatty acids, carbohydrate , protein, fiber antioxidants and calcium. Detoxing the body is good but we need to put back the nutrients in the body that we are loosing threw the stool. When detoxing you get rid of the goods and the bads. So lets put the goods back into our body by adding nutrients. Research Chia Seeds you can add this to your drink each time you have a drink.

  56. Susan says:

    My experience is that find this get’s bitter unless you drink the same day. I think it may end up being the cuke. I’ve done lime, orange and cuke and experienced a very bitter drink the next day.

    • janet says:

      I have enjoyed the drink. I used cucumber,lime,and mint. Washed off all food then added my mint, unpeeled lime and cucumbers. The next day it was bitter as well. I am going to peel the cucks due to no being able to get the wax off & use only the lime juice. I think the rind on the lime made it bitter for me.
      All in all it was good &will continue doing it.

  57. Sujan Nandy says:

    How long shall we continue drinking the detox water ?

  58. Lauren says:

    Love your detox drinks

  59. lashawn says:

    Good day…

    I love lemon water. When I go out to eat that’s my drink of choice. However, lately I’ve been drinking it at home also. I mixed lemon lime and oranges to plain water. And once in done I’ll add fruit juice to my cup. Yummy! I will try the watermelon detox and cucumber but with the cucumber I will add the lemon for better taste. I haven’t added mint leaves yet. But will this time around. I normally drink this daily. However, I take vitamins and I eat relatively healthy. I’ve actually slimmed down and my stomach is flatter. And I’m actually having a regular bowel movement daily. This is not usual for me. Thank God for his natural sources that aide in overall health. My blessings to all on your journey. God bless

  60. Tina says:

    Yes, I agree with Susan that the best cleanse water would be fresh.
    You will get the most benefits that way.

  61. Monica says:

    Hello, I would like to know how many ounces do you think would be good to drink? I don’t want to “overdose” my body lol 🙂 thank you!

  62. Olevia says:

    Hello , I would like to know how many pounds you can/could shed of a 7 day detox diet ? Also if its good to mix up the detox diets recipes , and is it safe to do the detox diet for several days? But before I go is it healthy to do a detox diet for that long without going on the support of eating if you are a very strong eater ? Also will this “overdose” my body ? Lol just very curious about what I am about to start doing in the next week with a family member .

  63. Shelley says:

    I have a nutribullet, so after I drink the water I then add the solids to spinach and some fruit and have a smoothie. It’s real good and I am consuming everything.

  64. tish says:

    I quit smoking about two weeks ago and i would like to know if this will help detox the poisons in my system and for how long should this be done?

  65. Melanie says:

    This looks sooo good, I’m gonnna try it!

  66. staniela marie says:

    what if theres no available mint leaves is it ok just lemon and cucumber onli…tnxxxxxxxxx

  67. Christine says:

    Im just reading everyones comments. I’m going to give this a go this week. How many times a day can we drink it???? I love drnks like this 🙂

    • Claire (Everyday Roots) says:

      You can drink it as many times a day as you like, so long as you don’t have a reaction or allergy to any of the ingredients. Enjoy!

  68. Pam says:

    Great drinks, Claire – I’ll be watching your site now 🙂

  69. Rebecca says:

    I was just wondering if this drink has an effect on the contraceptive pill? Im assuming it wouldn’t but don’t really want to mess with that.

    • Claire (Everyday Roots) says:

      Its always smart to check! Neither of the drinks should interact with or have an effect on contraceptive. While it won’t make it less effective, I would probably avoid adding grapefruit to it as that can sometimes cause side-effects with certain kinds of birth control pills if you are prone to them.

  70. mama g says:

    so my question to everyone is….has anyone got a response to how many days should we detox for?

  71. Laura wyse says:

    Hi, I’m just wondering how many glasses a day you should have of this drink and if its something you can do regularly? For eg 3/4 days a week? I’ve made one with water, grapefruit, cucumber, lemon, lime and mint leaves.

  72. marta says:

    I´m following a diet a nutricionist gave me Paste always with vegetables at midday,fruits or a diet dessert. At night some meat (70 grs) with salads and fruit The preferred beverage is a lemon juice,because it´s alcaline and helps to avoid cancerigen cells production.Most of our foods are ACID and they help productions of cancerigen cells.A lemon juice ´s the best beverage we should have everyday. Besides,it helps liver to expulse bile………I eat healthy meals and try to get organic vegetables, to avoid pesticides. The paste accompanied of vegetables AVOID the sugar raise immediatly, because you must process vegetables first before paste. It´s ideal for diabetic people

  73. archana says:

    Hi, Very nice article .. thanks for it .. i want to know if its necessary to keep it in fridge overnight . i dont have a fridge at hostel

    • Claire (Everyday Roots) says:

      Hi Archana,

      I do think it is important to keep refrigerated overnight to make sure the ingredients stay fresh and to prevent any growth of microbes.

  74. Claire (Everyday Roots) says:

    Hi Everybody,

    I’ve been getting really behind on comments lately (sorry!) but to answer the question on how much/often you can drink this, the answer is as often as you like. The ingredients, as long as you don’t have any reactions or allergies to them, are fine for everyday consumption. I like to have a glass morning and night. To troubleshoot some more commonly asked questions…

    -These drinks should be refrigerated
    -If it is bitter tasting often times the fruits/veggies need to be changed out
    -This is NOT a substitute for food-for more information on that, please reference this article on detox-

  75. Jennifer says:

    I’d Luke to try this but I’m allergic to mint. Is there a substitute I could use or will the effect be the same if I just omit the herb.

    • Katie says:

      Parsley is a great substitute! It works well to break down digestion, water retention and great for your breath 🙂

  76. Daisy says:

    I am starting the detox in the morning ,but I taste the watermelon, cucumber, lemon and lime and it taste great. I will check back in, in about 3 days a let you know how it is going Thanks everyone for your commend and subjection.

  77. Lin Lijuan says:

    suitable for pregnant woman to drink detox?

  78. Jenny says:

    Yes i was wondering if you make like a 3 quart jug can you even out the amount and put in like 12oz water bottles would it ruin the taste or the effect or would it be easier to drink that way? Super curious!!

  79. Kriss says:

    Hii i started it today but how many liters should we drink per day? And when should we change the solids?

  80. Ashley says:

    Can I drink this pregnant?

    • Claire Goodall says:

      As long as you don’t have allergies to any of the ingredients, you should be just fine drinking this while pregnant 🙂

  81. Lamyra Andrews says:

    Hi I like this I want to start this on Monday do this helps you lose belly fat this will be my first time doing this

  82. mai says:

    Hi. Is it okay if i don’t use mint?

  83. MaryAnn says:

    I wasn’t able to read all the comments to see if someone has posed my question. I hope you’ll forgive a repeat, if so. You mentioned that one can keep this water mixture for several days, but it is common knowledge that fruits and veggies start to loose their benefits as soon as they become exposed to oxygen, i.e. juicing. Do you know, for sure, that the benefits still exist after a few hours?

    Kind regards

    • Claire Goodall says:

      In my experience, I feel I get the same benefits after several days as the day I made it. Fresh is always preferable, however I don’t feel it is rendered useless and all the fruit used should be thrown out.
      Can I prove, without a doubt, that the fruit maintains all of its benefits? No. However, in my research I have found that there is often mis-information regarding nutrient retention in fruits/veggies that have been cut and exposed to oxygen. For example, a study in the The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that there was no significant reduction in nutritional values in fruit (including watermelon) that was pre-sliced and kept in the refrigerator for up to 6 days. To be specific, the amount of vitamin C in watermelon that was lost in the 6 day time frame was less than 5%. The fruit will probably visually show signs of spoilage before a large loss occurs. In general, flavor life is typically two-thirds its appearance life, so if visual quality for fruit lasts 9 days, nutritional value would decrease at 6 days.
      When you think of all the fallen/bruised/slightly smooshed/trampled fruit that animals (and even humans) survive off of in the wild, we’d be in an awful lot of trouble if all nutritional value disappeared right after exposure to oxygen!
      In terms of juicing, I find that the process of juicing removes nutrients for reasons other than exposure to oxygen. I hope this answered your question!

  84. amy says:

    Hi. I use hot boiling water poured over a couple of slices of lemon n a mint leaf in a morning first thing. If im using hot water will it have the same effect? X

    • Claire Goodall says:

      With mint/lemon you’ll be just fine-however heat might break down the softer ingredients like watermelon and cucumber.

  85. Sally says:

    I love orange and sage. It’s great for energy and sage is particularly good for the throat. It’s lovely!

  86. LaWanda says:

    I’m starting today. I was unable to find mint leaves. Gonna have a glass everyday. GOOD watermelon is hard to find this time of year! Thanks for the tips!

  87. jellayM says:

    hi! can I like combine in one pitcher the lemon, watermelon and cucumber?

  88. Daniel says:

    Does this help you lose weight?

  89. breanna says:

    I tried the green tea mixed with oranges and lemons and limes. I added only a slice of lime because I didn’t want it to sour. I drank 32 ounces and later that night had multiple bowels. You could actually feel it in your belly and I was fairly gassy. It tastes great. I think I’m sticking with this!

  90. jessica says:

    I need to loose a few pounds lol so I made one tonight with mint leaf cucumbers and lemon ….just curious can I eat regular food or I have to be on a light diet …… hope this work
    Thanks so much

  91. Christiana says:

    I have actually tried strawberries and lemon. Kiwi strawberry is pretty good with lime or lemon!

  92. Constance says:

    Just finished making my first batch! Can’t wait to try this and pass the recipe on!

  93. uaahmed says:

    Quick Question

    after leaving it overnight and all, what if in the morning i put everything into a grinder before drinking it

    would that work?

    thanks in advance for reading this

  94. laura says:

    Wanting to try for the fist time. Any suggestions or recipes to follow?

  95. Mark says:

    Ok so I had water with strawberries, pineapple and mint leaves in it. Very good. Made big things of it. So I drank like ALOT (6 glasses a day) for like 4 days of it. I ended up using tap water at one time b/c i ran out of water bottles. 2 days later I had stomach cramps and diahrea like NO OTHER!!!! Waking me up at night, during the day , you name it. Right to the bathroom! I have had it for 2 days like this! Is this my body getting rid of the toxins? The stomach cramps hurt! But are gone after I use rest room. Thank you!

  96. Chelle says:

    Is it ok to add honey (locally made not store bought) to add sweetness?

  97. Shakyra Ladson says:

    I have acne and I was wondering if this could also help clear my skin?

  98. Frankie says:

    Do you have to use the mint leaves and if so where do u buy them? Also for weight loss or detox what are most of u eating?

  99. Eunice says:

    Can i drink this when im trying to conceive or when im pregnant?

  100. jane kincaid says:

    hi! i’m wondering if it’s okay for me to drink a mixture of lemon+cucumber+mint everyday?

  101. Aisha says:

    As I read all the comments, it sounding like it’ll b e a great, refreshing drink! I think I’ll b getting all the ingrediants this weekend….I’ll keep you guys posted 🙂

  102. alysia says:

    I’ve been mixing my fruit I’m my water , you don’t need to wait over night, add cold water and lots of ice about an hour later it’s ready to drink, it’s helped me get off my soda addiction. I love it , its just flavored water so it’s safe for every day

  103. Cheryl says:

    I made it yesterday and drank the entire bottle today. Lemon,cucumber and fresh mint. That taste was great, I just added more ingredients and filled the bottle up again. This is a great way to start off cleasing your body. I will do it for 5 days on with 2 days off. Thank you for this idea!

  104. Amy says:

    For the detox how long should I be doing it for? And what kind of food should I be consuming? Should I be eating healthy? Or just regularly, like what I eat everyday

  105. Cynthia says:

    I made a huge batch of this last night to last me for at least the next 3 days but I modified the mixture. I added watermelon, lemon, cucumber, orange and pear slices along with some mint leaves. I let it infuse over night in the fridge and took 1/2 gallon (in one of those igloos) to work with me and I’ve been steady drinking my water today. Plus I took out a few slices of fruit to eat to curb my appetite between meals. So far so good. I’ll post my results later. Thanks.

    • Claire Goodall says:

      Cynthia-so glad you’re enjoying it! Can’t wait to hear what you have to share 🙂

      • Noreen says:

        Claire I tried this yesterday for the first time & was in excruciating pain for hours. I have gall stones & wonder if the detox affects gall stones. I have had several louse bowel movements today so I think it is cleaning me out. I do love the taste & generally drink a lot of water so would like to continue this if I’m not going to experience pain everyone.

  106. Niecey says:

    How long can you use the lemon cucumbers and mint, do you cut freshly each day?

  107. Latrina says:

    Will this drink help you lose some of the belly fat.

  108. Cynthia says:

    People keep asking questions which Claire has already answered. Please read comments as I’m sure Claire won’t have the time to answer the same questions over and over again.

  109. amy says:

    Just wondering how many days we should drink the mixture. Also should we eat anything.

    • Claire Goodall says:

      You can drink this daily, and always eat something! I explain a little bit more about that in the “Breaking Down Detox” post. Just make sure they are good things, and not processed or laden with chemicals 😉

  110. Christine Rangel says:

    Hi!!! I’m new to this and I just added lime cucumbers and strawberry hopefully it will taste great tomorrow. What else can I put in it? Like any fruits or veggies that I want?

  111. Andrecia says:

    I’m going to make this tomorrow. I’m so super excited. I’m assuming this works well with helping to clear up skin?
    Bless & positive vibes everyone, xo

  112. Judy Matthis says:

    I made a batch last night using an orange, cucumber, 2 limes, lemon and 10 mints leaves. I squeezed some of the fruit as I put it in the water. This morning I am enjoying a glass of this yummy detox drink. I plan to replenish the water in my “concoction” tonite then repeat this tomorrow. YUMMY!

  113. Matt says:

    I just started my own little detox jar! I put in a combination of grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, lime, cucumber and mint! I drink it all the time and i can actually feel how clean my insides are! Just a quick question for anyone who might know, how often should I change the contents and make a new fresh new jar?

  114. Cecelia says:

    Hi! I Just made a strawberry and lemon detox water bottle and was planning to take it to school tomorrow before my sister told me that detox water makes you (you know what)! Is this true of the one that I made? I am in HS and don’t want to have to take restroom breaks too often. That would be a little awkward. . . Please get back to me as soon as you can b/c I REALLY, REALLY want to do it but I need a little more information on the effects first. Thanks!

    • Claire Goodall says:

      You should be fine taking it to school, I have found that it has helped regulate digestion, but by no means does it make me charge to the bathroom. To be on the safe side and see how it affects you, maybe try it on the weekend first 🙂

  115. Javonna says:

    Made a delicious batch last night and is so very much enjoying my water. Didn’t need my caffeine for a bowel movement. The water did it. Oh the taste is refreshing

  116. Sandy White says:

    I read through all the comments but did not find whether I should put a lid on my jar while it is steeping in the refrigerator. The photos do not show a lid however I’m funny about not keeping a lid on refrigerated items.

  117. elchonon says:

    Thanks for the awesome recipe, I looked over all the questions but I dont see this answered. The pix show the watermelon sans rind, but recipe says with rind? do you leave on the rind or?

    • Claire Goodall says:

      You can do either, rind is generally better, but I happened to have some watermelon i’d already chopped up on hand for this batch 🙂

  118. nikki says:

    I just started my detox using mint leaves,cucumbers and lemons i was wondering could it be blended or not and will it work the same as a regular detox drink.

  119. Mallory Browm says:

    I just got a water infuser bottle where you put the fruit in a tube that goes inside the bottle. How much cucumber/lemon would be needed?

    • Tyea says:

      Hello Mallory, I bought a water infused bottle as well. I can only fit a certain amount of things into my infuse tube, this morning since I didnt have any other fruit or a cucumber, I used a whole lemon, my normal routine usually. If you have a single serve bottle like I do, you can use a whole or a half of a lemon, and a few pices of cucumber, approximately 4 slices, it might also help to sqeeze majority part of your lemon into the bottle then add the slices in the infuser. The infuser is really only there so that you may take the fruit out easily. When I have a lot of fruit that I want to do, I normaly just chop it, throw it in the bottle and go as is, especially since the fruit floats at the top and its very appealing as well. I hope this helps, enjoy!!

  120. Mark says:

    I just saw the recipes above. they all look amazing. cant wait to try ’em cuz Summer’s almost in full swing here (im frm Canada btw) n i need something other than Gatorade or Powerade as workout fuel. your recipes look amazing. i watched an episode of Dr. Oz earlier today (May 22, 2014) wen Lea Michelle was on. then later i found ur website n scrolled down n saw the watermellon n lemon jars with their ingredients and was a bit surprised at the similarity of ingredients used between u n her, only her method was blending everything together. But wow..u know what they say..Great Minds! 😀

  121. Jeannetta Montgomery says:

    I have a one year old, soon to be two. can she drink this. Will it huet her?

  122. Jon says:

    I have been making variations of this drink for daily use for a while now and my favorite way so far is using 1 cucumber 2 small lemons (or 1 small lemon and 1 lime) and a couple mint stalks, i rough chop everything and put it in a pitcher and brew some tea pouring it over top and letting it cool/steep overnight. Makes really delicious ice tea for the next day and is great for you!

  123. Brittany says:

    Is the mint leaves suppose to not taste like mint? Also what where tou saying about the tea I have green tea do I brew it and then add the other items or leave the tea bags in it overnight?

  124. guisepp says:

    Hi, i came across this detox water on fb, thought it looked great and decided to try it, however i added lipton green tea and i substituted peppermint leaves with peppermint tea bags because i didnt have the leaves at the time, i made a full pitcher, ingredients, one lemon, 1/2 cucumber, 3 peppermint tea bags, 3 lipton green tea and let it steep overnight in the fridge, the next morning i took one bottle of the water to work n drank gradually during the day. In the evening i came home feeling light headed, vomitted, wake up the next day still feeling fatigue, could this be from my mixture??? Was i wrong for substituing???? Was i wrong for adding the green tea???

    • Tyea says:

      Hello guisepp, you can take into consideration of your green tea. Were your green tea bags caffeine free? If not that could have been the problem, especially if you do not normally drink as much caffeine. Also, Green tea itself has a side affect of dizziness, not to everyone, but to some, I too had this problem with green tea in the supplement and the tea bag. Other than this, I do not think there should be a problem, although, depending on how big you pitcher was, I would not recommend putting 3 peppermint tea bags in the pitcher. Hope this helps.

    • Nate says:

      Green tea can upset your stomach if you don’t eat it with some solid food. Also the tea plant doesn’t do very well steeping for a long time. I don’t think it matters if it is caffeine free or not there is still stuff that can upset your stomach in that. It is healthy stuff to eat with a meal. The mint in the bags is pretty dry so you might boil water, brew mint tea then add the other stuff to the tea and fridge and just leave out the green tea.

  125. Marquita says:

    Just made a pitcher for home and a travel size for work ( mint, lemon, and cucumber)…… IM KIND OF EXCITED

  126. Faith says:

    Hi! is it okay to peel the cucumber and remove the skin of the lemon? We buy fruits and vegetables in the market but it is not organic so I’m a bit hesitant to include the skin with all the chemicals they spray on it.

  127. Furi says:

    I have tried but unlucky, it was so bitter by the lemon.
    Is it supposed to be that taste? Or we have any tip to make it better.
    Im from vietnam and this trend is quite new with us.
    Hope to receive your reply.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  128. Kyle says:

    My only concern would be making them too acidic, I know that too much lemon or lime can cause an upset stomach and the feeling of being hungover.

    It’s a nice alternative to smoothies, however, which can be a little rich and heavy. Certainly far better than giving kids cans of fizzy pop and the like. 🙂

  129. KIm says:

    I made the lemon cucumber water yesterday and drank a quart of it after my workout. It was so refreshing. I’m looking forward to trying watermelon and the grapefruit as well.

    So, this may be a silly question, but you don’t know until you ask, can you fill the jar back up and use a second time? What can you do with the cucumber and lemon after you’ve drunk all the water?

    • Claire Goodall says:

      Not a silly question at all! I usually swap out the fruit after re-using for 3-4 days. Since a decent amount of the flavor will be gone by then, there isn’t too much you can do with them. I suggest tossing them in compost 😀

  130. Debra Brooks says:

    All of my garden buddies are loving this detox. God has already made provisions for all we need to stay healthy.


  131. Bee says:

    I tried the Detox Water with Lemon, Lime, Cucumbers and it tasted so good, I used the Ingriedience only one time and I been searching online how long I can use them??? But have not found it anywhere and also how long can I drink it for ??? Maybe you can tell me ??? I am going to get all the stuff for the Watermelon Detox Water and try this and see which one I like better and if I like both of th I just rotated the tastes , one week I do the Cucumber and the next week I will do the Watermelon

    • Claire Goodall says:

      I am so glad you enjoyed it! You can re-use the ingredients as much as you like, however I generally switch them out after 3-4 days (if I haven’t finished the drink by then!) as I find it starts to taste a little flat after that. You can drink these for as long as you like 🙂

  132. Erzsebet and healthy foods says:

    I learn several new ways for detox and a cool summer drink – thank you for sharing them

  133. Arielle says:

    thanks to you, I started drinking more water and ate less unhealthy foods. (i substituted potato chips to kettle cooked ones and fruit.) I feel healthier on the inside and out. your a miracle worker! Thank you so much!

  134. Adrienne says:

    Can I make 5 of these ahead of time like on a Sunday and leave them in the fridge and drink one each day? Or is it best to make a new one each day instead of having them pre-made?

    • Claire Goodall says:

      Whenever possible, fresh is best, but you can certainly make them ahead of time and still reap the benefits! I would stick to making 3 or 4 max, and then refresh after that. Enjoy!

  135. Melinda says:

    I’m thinking about trying the lemon, cucumber and mint detox. I would like to know has anyone seen any results as far as weight loss around the mid section?

  136. Chanel says:

    Hi….I just wonder how long I can keep those detox water after put in refrigerator? ?

  137. karina says:

    has any1 tried the cucummber and honeydedw melon cleanse yet its bomb when you add honey

  138. carmen says:

    Ive been drinking detox water for a week and i can truly say i a feel great.

  139. Sarah says:

    I was wondering how much of this water I should drink daily? I plan on doing this for a long stretch of time, instead of just a week long thing, and while eating other food.

  140. darius says:

    I was wondering would it help detoxify with removing thc from the body as well? I have been marijuana free for almoat two months and im still coming up dirty in my home test.

  141. Dee says:

    Is it ok to sub the lemons with “real lemon juice” bottled juice. Didn’t know if that would affect the health benefits. Sometimes lemons seem to bitter after couple of days. Would take the peel off help?

  142. ShaSha says:

    I had to go out of town suddenly to a funeral and my detox drink stayed in the fridge for 3 days. It’s kind of bitter (lime peel?) and I was wondering what I could do to make it more palatable. Any suggestions?

  143. Cynthia says:

    I don’t recall this question being answered previously. If it has, I apologize for asking it again. Do you add the squeezed lemon and/or lime wedges to the water along with the sliced lemon and/or lime?

  144. Vee says:

    Wonderful drink!!
    Do i need to have this every day? or weekly twice is okay?
    Also is it normal feel little sick when you take it the first few times?

  145. karla says:

    do you think it would be ok if i add chia seeds to it???

  146. Annette says:

    I was told that this Detox drink could also help with weight loss. Is that really true? I had a friend to stay on this detox drink for 2 weeks…and she said she lost 11 pounds. I am interesting in detoxing…and weight loss also.

  147. Ivy says:

    I just started this & so far I tried: watermelon, cucumber, lime and lemon & then watermelon, lemon, cucumber, strawberries, and apple and I must say I feel wonderful after both… My son is over weight and was told by his doctors to drink only water and I started him drinking my water and he loves it! He’s special needs and believes he’s drinking juice. The taste is not overbearing at all – but very refreshing and so healthy! He loves eating the apples once we finish up our jug! My husband isn’t on our same page – but he’s about to “cross over” with us! If anyone has other “recipes” to try please pass them on… I’m going to add some raspberries this evening… I’m always going to use cucumbers and lemons as my “base”… the cucumbers I get from my neighbor’s garden… and I’ll be getting mint from her yard this evening as well.
    Good luck to everyone!

  148. Daya says:

    Can you drink these drinks instead of eating.

  149. Alex says:

    Hi Claire,
    Love the post and have read all the comments but I still have yet to find the answer to my question.

    Lets pretend I soaked 1 whole cucumber(sliced) in 2L of water overnight in the fridge.
    I know you mentioned minimal vitamin loss of vegetables/fruits after being cut and exposed to oxygen, but…
    1)How much nutrition is actually in those soaked cucumber slices(%wise in comparison to eating it raw)?
    2)If the cucumbers still have some nutrition, would soaking them longer(>1day) reduce the # of nutrients any more?

  150. karem says:

    Annette. Thats awesome. .that your friend lost that much in the 2 weeks. Im doing this for cleansing my body and weight loss. Would you ask your friend if she did this specific detox or added / changed anything. Also if she did combined this with a diet and exercise? ? Im so excited to start becsuse of your comment.

  151. Nateishia Smalls says:

    Hello everyone. I’ve been making detox waters and healthy drinks for some years now. I started doing it for myself, then my coworkers and now everyone. I have a website: my detox (flavored) water rid your body of toxins. Adds vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants to your body. This really works with weight loss, strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, helps your digestive system, fights to prevent cancer and other sicknesses & diseases

  152. Bobbie Jo Murphy says:

    I made the drink with the mint leaves, cucumber, and lemon. I didn’t care for it the 1st 2 times that I drank it. Then by the 3rd day, I was craving it. I have 3 cysts in my stomach, they have stopped hurting… Thank you!

  153. Christen says:

    Hi, I’ve been infusing water with sometimes cucumber, sometimes strawberries, sometimes citrus fruits (all organic when at home), but lately at work I’m stuck with conventionally grown fruits and veggies for infusing my water with…

    Assuming I will drink the same amount of water whether my water is infused or not, I have 2 questions for you:

    A. Is there any nutritional benefit to infusing with strawberries
    B. Do the harmful effects of using conventionally grown cucumbers, sliced citrus fruit, or strawberries outweigh the benefits of infusing my water?

    I’m leaning toward a “yes” to B, but can’t find any info on the web about it.

    What are your thoughts?

  154. mhau says:

    hi..we dont usually have mint leaves availble in our supermarkets is it ok if i leave it out?

  155. Sacha says:

    Hi ! I am looking forward for this awesome recipe ! But i do have several questions :

    1 ) After filling the water and putting the solids in the pitcher , I need to close the lid , refrigate it and let it steep overnight right ?

    2 ) Then , in the morning , can i just drink the water without the solids ? Will it reduce the effect ? How much ice cubes should you put ? In case putting too much might reduce the effect.Since it’s already cold , would leaving out ice cubes reduce the effect too ? Sorry , this question seems a bit silly.

    3 ) You suggest to use the solids for 3-4 days . So , to be clear , after running out of the water , i just need to refill the pitcher with new water but retain the same solids right ? And recycle the solids until at most 3-4 days.Is that correct ?

    4) I love you ! 😛

  156. Cassandra says:

    Can I use lemon mint instead of regular mint?

  157. kiki says:

    Hi I can’t find mint leaves in my area what can I use for an alternative? Please help

  158. lala says:

    How long can the fruit stay in the water? I heard it should be taken out/thrown away after a certain amount of time. I heard the fresh fruits can be used in a range from 1 day to a week. It’s a conspiracy that detox water may actually be harmful due to the molding that fruit grows when it’s just being soaked in water for a while

  159. josh says:

    can i do melon and cucumber

  160. Brian says:

    Are u supposed to eat the fruit after you drink it is it safe? or not at all?

    • Claire Goodall says:

      You can eat the fruit while you drink it, after you drink it, or-if you prefer-not at all 🙂 It is safe as long as it has been refrigerated, but I would not drink the water and then leave the fruit sitting out for later,as the water will encourage the growth bacteria, mold, etc.

  161. Abby says:

    Can I use fresh peppermint leaves in this? I wasn’t able to get fresh mint leaves at the time.

  162. beb says:

    can i just drink plain mint water?

  163. Jill says:

    What is the nutritional value of this? I’ve been reading that these contain zero calories, but are we getting the vitamins from the fruit?

  164. Charlie says:

    These looks so good that I have to give it a try tomorrow. I have been drinking the plain warm lemon water in the morning to detox. Now can add more variety to my detox regime. Thanks!

  165. Toni adams says:

    You said you changed out your fruit every 3-4 days if you haven’t finished the water. I started this 3 days ago, drinking 2 litres a day. It’s so good, I just drank it all day in place of my plain water. On the 3rd day my stomach has been a bit off and I’ve felt nauseated all day. It may not even be related to the drink. But, can you drink too much in a day ?? Thanks

  166. Luke says:

    Can i freeze it? and is it okay for me to drink this everyday? I’m trying to cut down on a fizzy and i want to use this as a replacement!!!!! this stuff is so good 🙂

  167. anna says:

    could this be used as a meal replacement? i am currently using visalus shakes to replace my breakfast and dinner, but could this be used instead of the shakes? thx – xoxo

  168. Allie says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could replace the lemon or lime with pineapple because I heard it also helps with digestion but I don’t know for sure??

  169. Linda says:

    The drinks sound so delicious. I am going to try it tomorrow.

  170. Mary says:

    How many times a day should you drank this and should you eat differently as well and does this drink act as a meal replacement?

  171. candy says:

    I made one with lime orange grapes and cumbersome is that ok

  172. Nancy says:

    Any mint will also produce gas, the amount depends on what else you have eaten.

  173. kt says:

    I drink either lemon water with mint or use lime to replace the lemon. I don’t drink it to detoxify, I just happen to like the taste! Lime & mint make the water taste like cucumber water to me lol! By the way, I have lost a great deal of weight. I wasn’t trying to but I’m just not as hungry all the time.

  174. phyllis says:

    can i try watermelon, lemon and cucumber with honey instead of mint?

  175. Bhavna Bajaj says:

    I hv been using detox water for the last few days..I liked the did help ke flatten my stomach a little. But I wanted to k ow what is the best time o e should drink this detox water. I mean of I prepare the water the previous night than we should I drink it? Presently I am freezing it for 2 to 3 hrs n than drinking it not conside ring the time. Be it noon or evening I simply drink it..Can u sussestthe best time to drink this water

  176. Lucan says:

    HI Claire,
    this looks SO good. However I have a medical condition when I can’t tolerate acids like citrus (lemon/lime/orange). Can I substitute something else? Cucumber, Watermelon Mint sounds great, but if I can’t add lemon or lime or orange, is it still detoxifying?
    Thanks in advance for any guidance and your reply.

  177. Andrea says:

    I made the mint cucumber lemon detox drink but I added green tea too taste so good i ♡ it

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