DIY Cleaning Recipes For a Natural Home

Our homes are deeply important to us. Not only are they our literal shelter, they are also the place that will hold many memories. The place where you may start and raise your family, the place that is always waiting, always familiar, at the end of a long day and longer travels. Homes are unique to each individual human/s that dwell within them, providing a frame to hold in all its inhabitants’ quirks and decorations and traditions. It is only appropriate, than, that we want to take the best care of our homes and the family (be it two-legged or four-legged) inside. Unfortunately, when it comes to home care and cleaning products, there is no end to the toxic chemicals and caustic compounds that we bring in to our most cherished space.

These products are poorly regulated, over-priced, and they pose legitimate health concerns-even hazards. Just because they are sold in stores does not mean they have been proven to not have harmful side effects. The solution? Make your own.
There is no better way to ensure you keep your home healthy and sparkling clean, at a fraction of the price, than to make your own cleaning products.

Isn’t cleaning enough work? Well, yes, but these are incredibly easy to make, and even more satisfying to use. While you won’t necessarily see dirt dissolve before your eyes with homemade cleaners, you will have peace of mind. And with a bit of patience (we’re so used to harsh chemicals that strip in seconds!) you will find these cleaners will become welcome friends that work wonderfully to keep your home clean and nontoxic, just the way it should be.

How to Make a Simple and Naturally Scented Fabric Softener

While it may seem hard to give up those oh-so nostalgic sweet smelling fabric softener sheets, I found that the transition was quite easy, especially after a little research about what was actually in the fabric softening sheets I was using. These lovely fabric softening crystals can be customized to smell however you like, although I’ve found lemon to be my go-to. These leave your clothes soft, fresh, and chemical-free.

How to Remove Stains from Ceramic and China Without Chemicals

If you have a much loved mug that you go to for your morning coffee or tea, chances are it will eventually take on a stain. If you don’t mind the stain, feel free to leave it on-it is, again, a sign of a much loved mug. But if you want a chemical free way to bring your old mug back to life, this simple recipe will do the trick.

How to Make Reusable Lemon Dust Cloths

Even if you are the tidiest person in the world, dust and dirt will eventually find its way to settle in your home. While it’s tempting to reach for the aerosol spray polishes that leave everything look slick and shiny, try making a more environmentally friendly, more pleasant to use product, like these reusable lemon dust cloths, to keep your house sparkling and fresh.

Homemade All-Purpose Chemical Free Cleaner

This is a great one to turn to for any little mess that needs tidying up or counter that needs wiping down. It’s one you should have in your cleaning arsenal to have on hand at all times, and it’s also about the easiest thing to make, with ingredient’s your probably have sitting around right now! And, of course, it is without harsh or toxic chemical compounds.

3 Homemade Wood Polish and Sealant Recopies

Wood just becomes more precious with age, with more little nicks and color changes that it gains over the years only adding to its character and history. To help preserve and lengthen the life of wood, be it a butcher block or a chair, these homemade polish and sealant recipes will serve you for years to come.

All-Natural Fruit and Vegetable Pesticide Wash

In a day and age where food is grown in huge quantities and shipped around the world, our means of growing and preserving it have changed drastically. While some of these advancements are harmless, others, such as the routine spraying of pesticides and waxy coatings, are ones many of us try to avoid. This is difficult, unless you have a good organic source that is affordable. If you don’t, this wash will help take the chemicals off the fruits and veggies before you eat them.

How to Make Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is everywhere these days. You can’t walk into a store without the little bottles (so cheap too!) calling out to you. It’s good to have on hand so, why not? While it is good to have on hand, I prefer to make my own simply because I don’t need to kill every single bit of bacteria on my body. While washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to clean your hands, this little recipe will come in handy when you don’t have access to the good old fashioned way.

How to Make Sea Salt Soap

Eventually, you’ll have to face that pile of dishes. Or that one greasy spot on the oven that just won’t come off. For this, having an abrasive cleaner is extremely helpful for anything crusted on. But instead of using an abrasive chemical cleaner, try this sea salt soap first. It’s perfect for any job that requires the removal of all sorts of gunk and grease!


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